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What People Are Saying About Barbara!

Student Testimonials


Dr. Zhao Rong Chen, Professor of Flute, China Conservatory

Wonderful master classes at the China Conservatory of Music in February 2018. My students love your teaching very much. Musical expression, line, support etc helped make their flute sound quality much better, especially in the low register. Thanks Barbara for your help with my students, I really appreciate your teaching deeply.


Lee Linyi, College Flute Student, China

Professor Barbara......she gives me a lot of advice, so I can correct romantic, modern and classical works, and helps me feel the charm of music,  more love of flute, and to like music more, and she teaches me a lot of truth, she is not only a flute tutor for me but also a spiritual mentor.

Eva Trimble, Mother of Student

My daughter started lessons with Barbara when she was 7 years old. It's been about 18 months now and she still loves playing the flute. Somehow Barbara mixes up the lessons with true classical study and fun musical playing so that my daughter never get's bored and is always having fun. I hear from other parents how their kids' music lessons are all about scales and memorization but my daughter's lessons are always more interesting. Barbara is very patient, always challenging, and tailors the lessons to my daughter's interests. Barbara is sweet and friendly and my daughter looks forward to seeing her every week.


Richard Cohen, Professional Musician, NYC

Barbara is a truly great flute player. One outstanding point is that when I had a lesson, she played a lot herself, for the sake of demonstrating what she wanted me to do. Hearing her and getting her sound in my ear and then playing myself, with her to put me on track, was an invaluable experience. She is very much oriented to the basics, which for me, involved breathing and blowing, and new (to me) approaches to breath control and how the breath goes from the player, through the flute. This was an eye opening experience, and very helpful. Also, Barbara is on such a high level of flute playing, and making music, that her playing seems effortless, regardless of the technical demands, and the music just soars out! To hear this and see her in person, and realize that it can sound like that is also an invaluable experience. Overall, a great teacher and person.


Sally C. Adult Amateur Student

Barbara is a stellar teacher. In just a few lessons, my playing (and confidence) have improved. She has a wonderful ability to identify each student's learning needs, zoom in, and go from there. Give her a try. You won't be sorry.


Carl P. Adult Amateur

I took my first lesson with Barbara, over Skype, a couple of days after my flute arrived. She took me gently through my first notes - teaching and adjusting how I played. Barbara seems to have a knack of carefully adding just the right material each lesson to build what seems like a solid foundation. I'm enjoying playing fun tunes and also improvising my own. A great start from a teacher who knows exactly how to teach flute.


Maribel A. Adult Amateur

I've taken flute lessons with Barbara over the last 2.5 years and she's the best teacher I've had. She makes the lessons fun, informative, and encouraging. My flute playing has definitely improved since I started with her. I highly recommend taking lessons from Barbara!



Performing Artist Testimonials


John Yeh, Assistant Principal Clarinet, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

I have known Barbara Siesel for over 37 years. Barbara is an excellent, communicative, and insightful musician, flutist, and entrepreneur. I am happy to give her my highest recommendation!


Elisenda Fabregas, Pianist, Composer, Invited Professor Kyung-Hee University, Humanitas College, Global Campus

Barbara is a wonderful flutist and musician with a highly creative and artistic personality. I enjoyed very much collaborating with her as a composer and as a pianist

in our concerts in Asia and in the US.


Stephanie Chaiken, Executive Director, NJCU Center for the Arts at New Jersey City University

Superb musician, educator and presenter.





Jeffrey Fry,  Entrepreneurship

Barbara posesses  that rare combination of artistic mastery and dogged business determination. Not only does she thoroughly enjoy the work she does, but wants to bring that passion into every endeavor she does. Most successful ventures begin and continue due to what Barbara has in abundance: persistence.


Nestor Cybriwsky, Executive Director at Mizuho Securities, USA

Barbara and I survived Juilliard's performance degree programs, I am very happy that she went on to have a fulfilling, multi-faceted career in the arts and contributed in so many different ways to the world of both music and education. She has my unqualified recommendation, especially if regards something new or experimental that she has never done before, good to see she takes risks and keeps the profession alive.


Scott Bierko, Performer, Teaching Artist, Song Writer.

Barbara is virtuoso musician with a heart of gold. She is always flush with ideas about how to build out any project and then market it effectively. She is an ideal leader and team member.

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