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C o n c e r t s - L e c t u r e s - W o r k s h o p s

February 7, 2018

Entrepreneurship Lecture
NYU Tisch School of Music
New York, NY

February 21, 2018

Concert, Gonjiam Festival
Nicole Chamberlain Flute Trio with Orchestra
Seoul Concert Hall, Seoul, Korea

February 24th

 Gonjiam Festival
Theobald Boehm, Andante

Gwangju Culture & Art Center

Gwangju, Korea

February 25th

Flute View Trio Concert
Gonjiam, Korea

April 16-28, 2018

Green Golly Project Tour
Bay Area, California

 June 25th -July 5

Green Golly Project Tour

South Florida

 July  17-21 

Green Golly Project

NY Metro Area

August 9th

National Flute Association Convention

Lineage for Flute and Video

August 12th

National Flute Association Convention

Education Panel



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